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Read some of the many testimonials from our tours :

Mark you’ve done it again. Loving it.
Sharon H.

Thank you Mister Detroit for the crawl and the magic. Hopefully come midnight I can still walk for the crawl.
Angela L

Had a great time for my first crawl. I really enjoyed myself. It felt like I was in New York or some other world class city.
Diane B

This is a very enjoyable event. I love the gang! It’s nice that like minds can get together and enjoy Detroit!!!
Andrew L

Love the fun!1 You are surely one of the funniest guys I know! Peace & Tove
Francine B.

Enjoyed the new company … Mark You were a great Crawl Master. Hope to do it again.
Nailah R.

Mark I finally made it! I know what I have been missing, Count me in from now on.
Saundra S

Mark. Great night, great group of people – I am very glad we made it to your crawl.
Darren L

Thank your so much for a great nite. I just moved to town 1 week ago and this was just what I could ask for. Thanks.

I really enjoyed talking to you about the history of Detroit. Keep the “Spirit” alive.
Dean P.

Mark your tours are an inspiration…
Beverly M.

It’s nice to see so much love and passion in a tour.
LaToya E.

I love the energy of your group. Nice meeting every one.
Nicole M

Mark thanks for showing me around the city! You are truly a walking historian! Thanks.
Jacquelyn R.

DTOURS pub crawls are the best way to meet all kinds of cool people and get drunk at the same time. Enjoy the ride.
Keisha B

Had fun hanging with you guys.
Candace H

Detroit is more than a place, it's an experience!